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Spring Onions
Spring Onions

You call it green onion, I call it spring onion and we are both right. This tender onion is basically the baby of the red, yellow and white onions we eat when they have grown up. While we enjoy onions year round, the spring onion is a specialty and a sign of new growth. We normally see them pop up at farmers markets in early spring and through the summer making them available almost half a year.

Spring onions are tender and mild with a peppery kick. These onions are a staple in Chinese cuisine and are thought to have been cultivated for more than 5000 years in Asia. We love using them in our eggs all the way to our risotto. Spring onions compliment their spring friends like asparagus, peas, and fennel. The most simple and delicious way to enjoy them is to grill them and serve them as a side dish. Cutting them raw and tossing in a salad also provides a nice, crisp bite.

Take advantage of your local farmers market to get the best quality. Most of them are harvested that very morning.