Tsar Nicoulai
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Tsar Nicoulai
Tsar Nicoulai
Location: CA

It is no wonder why top chefs across the US choose farm raised California caviar over wild Caspian caviar. The folks at Tsar Nicoulai are proving that great caviar can be produced here in the United States. Pioneers of sustainable sturgeon farming; they are producing amazing California Estate Osetra. At a recent leisurely and informative tasting at their café in the Ferry Building, located in San Francisco, we agree!

Caviar has for a long time been considered food for the privileged, but we like to think it is for everyone. Ok, we can’t eat it every day, but we do consider it a special treat in our home. When we do get the chance to indulge every bite is savored. The eggs feel like little pearls rolling around your tongue. But the highlight is when they pop in your mouth with an intense burst of the sea. Follow that with a shot of chilled vodka! Classic accompaniments include crème fraiche, grated eggs, blinis, chives, and red onions. Of course we encourage you to think outside the box and come up with your own pairings.

It is a fun tradition to have caviar for your New Year’s bash, but we encourage you to enjoy this delicacy throughout the year. Tsar Nicoulai can ship it straight to your home or if you are in the Bay Area, pop over to the Ferry Building and check out the café. They also offer a terrific selection of Domestic and International caviars from producers that share the same philosophy in farming. It is a wonderful way to try them side by side and compare.


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