Rogue Creamery
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Rogue Creamery
Rogue Creamery
Location: Central Point, OR
ph: 866-396-4704

I don't think I have met two nicer guys than the owners of Rogue River Creamery; David Gremmels and Cary Bryant. I like them because they are stand up guys, but I love them because they make great cheese. Makers of some of the best blue cheeses in the world, these Southern Oregonians keep producing one great cheese after another. My favorite is the seasonal Rogue River Blue. Made from cow's milk and wrapped in grape leaves soaked in a local pear brandy, this cheese will knock your socks off! Look for it around the Christmas holiday. The Smokey Blue is also a big hit with retailers and restaurants across the country. This raw milk blue is smoked over hazelnut shells giving it that special flavor of Oregon. If you are not the blue eating type, try some of the other cheddar style cheeses they now make and pair them up with some great preserves from the same area. They ship great gift baskets featuring their cheeses and other local producers.

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