Northstar Bison
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Northstar Bison
Northstar Bison
Location: 1936 28th Ave.
Rice Lake, WI 54868
ph: 715-234-9085
fax: 715-236-2888
Call it buffalo or call it bison, just don’t call us late to dinner!

Wholesome, lean and tasty, bison is making the great American comeback, and your tastebuds and arteries will rejoice. After the North American bison population was depleted to fewer than 1,000 animals in the late 1800’s, conservationists and forward-thinking ranchers helped save the bison from extinction and reintroduced it to well-chosen natural habitats. North Star Bison raises bison on several hundred acres of wild grassland in rural Wisconsin, and has one of the best selections of bison products available on line. Because of its healthfulness, sustainability and versatility, North Star Bison is a great choice for your next backyard cookout, Sunday dinner or Monday night meatloaf.

Though we appreciate its health benefits, we have really become fans of bison for its deliciousness. Meaty and savory, without being gamy, bison satisfies our red meat craving and has considerably less fat and cholesterol than beef. What makes bison more healthful—eating grass rather than corn-based feed—is also what makes it more delicious. North Star’s bison are never “finished” on grain, but are allowed to graze naturally their entire lives. They are harvested in the field in accordance with USDA regulations, and the meat is processed in North Star’s own USDA inspected facility. We love that North Star has great products, but we also love their service. When we placed our 4th of July burger order with North Star, a company representative called us that day to thank us for our business. Our burger arrived still frozen (they pack in dry ice) so we had the option of thawing it or leaving it frozen for future use.
And what burger! Try North Star’s ground bison chuck, from the shoulder; it is the tastiest part of the animal, and makes great meatloaf as well as burgers. Since bison is so lean, it will cook much faster than beef; turn the temperature down by about 50 degrees, and the meat will be done in the same amount of time as beef would be. For tender cuts like bison tenderloin or prime rib roast, cook rare to medium-rare for the best flavor and juiciness. With the less tender cuts, like back ribs, a long, slow braise works especially well. For great taste and good health, you can’t beat North Star Bison.

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